The Lady And The Gentleman

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Quote by Edmund Burke

A King may make a Nobleman but he cannot make Gentleman.

Edmund Burke
The Lady and The Gentleman
The Lady and The Gentleman
Inside Out

There is no force in the universe that can help a person grow up outside
in. In education, the idea of dividing all subjects into tidy categories
that make perfect sense takes away from beauty of Knowledge. Coupled with
the misunderstanding that we can be taught by being talked at, school can
only become an exercise in memorization. A school may make a diploma, but
it cannot make a grown-up.


Gentlemen emerged from Knights, inheriting the philosophies of Knightly
Virtues. I am sure every fool, wealthy or poor, tried to call him self a
gentleman, but I think back then people paid attention to such claims.

The ease with which we accept lies from people of authority today. Would
not be present had the virtues still mattered to an overwhelming majority.

Your Move Chief
Your Move Chief
Forbearance and Largesse

Character of Dr. Sean Maguire as portrayed by Robin Williams is a fine
example of a modern gentleman with class, integrity, and authenticity.

Why Chivalry Still has a Chance by Anthony Rudolf
Why Chivalry Still has a Chance by Anthony Rudolf

My definition of a Lady/Gentlelady, or a Gentleman: A person ennobled by
her deeds.

More specifically, the sum of intent across a person's entire history.

The one lesson that I loved in High School. A Gentleman, an English Teacher
reminding us: "The choices you make today, dictate the life ahead of you.".

And it is those same choices, that will describe who you really are, come a
decade or two from now. Therefore, choose wholeheartedly, beautifully,
heroically, always rising and growing up. Make the choices that the older
you won't regret.

A Wanderer Ennobled By His Deeds
A Wanderer Ennobled By His Deeds

My friends,

Choose Forbearance, Hardihood, Largesse, Benevolence, and Honour.

Restraint, Dignity, Nobility, Unbreakability, Fortitude, Courage, Love; and
Insight; and Foresight; and Understanding; and Authenticity; and Heroism.

Speed Thou Slowly

Life is the single most complex adventure you will face, take the long
roads. Choose Books, Audiobooks, and inherit as much wisdom from all the
great beings as you can.

The Story of Philosophy, The Lives and Opinions of the Greater Philosophers by Will Durant.

The Compleat Gentleman, The Modern Man's Guide to Chivalry

The Lady And The Gentleman

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