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Aunty Puanani Burgess ❤️
Aunty Puanani Burgess ❤️
Teacher Resigns During Kansas School Board Meeting With Powerful Speech
Teacher Resigns During Kansas School Board Meeting With Powerful Speech
Why I Dropped Out of College
Why I Dropped Out of College
Knowledge vs. College

I think, he started learning the most valuable of his lessons, once he
broke out oh the Grade Point Average Prison.

He selected courses that matched the wisdom he already had, he selected
compatible knowledge he was naturally predisposed to integrate.

Quote by Abraham Lincoln

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln
The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout
The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout
Jaime Escalante
Jaime Escalante
Jaime Escalante

Jaime Escalante is the man portrayed by Edward James Olmos in Stand and
Deliver (1988)

Richard Feynman
Richard Feynman
Growing Up Feynman by Michelle Feynman
Growing Up Feynman by Michelle Feynman
Don't Be Afraid to Fail Big, To Dream Big
Don't Be Afraid to Fail Big, To Dream Big
Why it Pays to Be Hungry
Why it Pays to Be Hungry
5 Rules for Success
5 Rules for Success
Waiting For Superman
Waiting For Superman
Waiting For a Generation of Superheroes

Waiting For You.

And everybody else, to grow up, all the way up, until we become a
generation after a generation of great beings.

Growing up is not optional. Growing all the way up, is not optional.

It is our Health, it is our Right.

It is the only way to break out, and bring about our hopes and dreams of
the future.

Waiting For the Champions
Waiting For the Champions
Waiting For the Champions

"It is hard to teach kids who stink."

We must face the misjudgment of the role of poverty in education.

We must face the misjudgment of the the gravity of poverty.

We must face policy that does not make sense, that will never make sense,
due to persistent malformed-understanding of education.

Education begins in kindergarten, it is easy to forget this.

It begins with mentors, inspiration, friendship.

There is no education without human connection, but there is merit in apps,
computer programs, videos, audio books, and overhead internet satellites.

We need a clear aim, for both, educators, and the kids. There is no clearer
aim than becoming a Business Creator, and escaping poverty.

Rising to no end in sight. Eventually leaving a worthy legacy. Unbreakable
shoulders for other giants to stand on.

The cure for poverty bears the same pattern as the cure for broken
education. The individual must become a businessperson, just as the student
must become her own teacher.

What is Y Combinator?
What is Y Combinator?

It is easy to forget that we have no limits.

It is easy to believe the lie, that we can stop because we are not learning
fast enough, or we know enough, or got enough; or had enough.

It is easy to misunderstand the purpose of Education.

We don't need a generation of Brilliant and Unstoppable Teachers, or Policy
Makers. Oh, there will never be enough of those; and there is already far
too many.

Pretending to be wise and authentic is far too easy, to put the future of
humanity in someone else's hands.

Even if it wasn't a fantasy aimed to place responsibility for education
elsewhere, there is no good reason to wait for Policy Makers to update

We must teach children that they are responsible for their own education,
and their own exit from poverty, by means of becoming a business creator.

Children need an aim, before they open the textbook.

They need persistent enlightenment. Not moronic excuses that they won't
always have a calculator at hand, or sick fantasies of a happy job they
will always love performing.

We don't need better teachers, we need and endless supply of Brilliant and
Unstoppable Students who accept the responsibility for their own education,
at their own pace, and a sequence that matches who they are.

Unbreakable, Unstoppable, Uncontainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable
torrent of Superheros under the banner of Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence
and Love of Wisdom.

My path out of poverty by Lashon Amado
My path out of poverty by Lashon Amado
Each a Superhero

Grades must end, because too many children confuse their grade point
average with their value to the world.

The only reason why someone would ever fail a test, is because the wisdom
they already had, was incompatible with what was being taught.

To force incompatible knowledge on someone, and blame them for not
integrating it, is evil.

If you are young and still in school. Begin making unbreakable promises
that you will fix what is broken. Help your friends to Audio Books that set
them free to understand Science, or travel the Appalachian Trail when
waiting for the bus. Help them understand YCombinator and Techstars,
Startup Accelerators, Angel Funds.

And if you have already left it all behind, now it is time to remember your
hopes and dreams. Go back with your wisdom of today, and fix what was
broken when you were little. Stand up in the classroom and rage against
mediocrity or lies. Take a lesson from Erica Goldson.

Erica Goldson Valedictorian Speech
Erica Goldson Valedictorian Speech
Mothers. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

"Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame."

The cradle of education is within. The flame of curiosity, lives within.
Students reach out and put things into their soul, all the time.

Sometimes all it takes is a poem.

Sometimes the explanation, that all education is really for, is beating
back Poverty of Mind-and-Wallet.

Poverty that they were unfortunately and unfairly dropped into, and now
they must learn wisdom and fight their way out of, and if they so choose,
bring back the light so that others may follow.

And later, finally, enjoy their existence and high achievement, leave a
legacy worthy of following.

Never tell a child that life is not fair. That will only force them into
accepting their poverty as a given, and your mediocrity as a fact.

Education is never! for good grades, or a good resume, or a good job that
pays well.

Education is for the opposite of Memorization and Servitude.

Education is for Creativity, and Freedom.

Education is for Originality, and Independence.

Education is for Unbrekability, and Leadership.

The children you taught to wait for Superman, are, that promise, and the
future, and more.

And the opposite of high achievement is not failing while daring greatly.
Failure is nonsense, just another excuse not to try. There is no such thing
as failure. Every step forward adds to success.

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg
The Teacher

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