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The Explorer
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The Explorer

The Explorer
Danish explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife, Dagmar Cohn (1947)
How Amelia Earhart Did It[1]
Amelia Earhart: Queen Of The Air[2]
Underwater Discovery and Adventure: The Story of Jacques Cousteau[3]
World Without Sun von Jaques Cousteau[4]
Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance[5]
Retracing Ernest Shackleton's Doomed Expedition To Cross The Antarctic[6]
Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climb Everest - 1953 archive video[7]
Sir Edmund Hillary Interviewed by Wade Davis[8]
Learn to travel -- travel to learn: Robin Esrock at TEDxVancouver[9]
How to travel the world with almost no money by Tomislav Perko[10]
Travel More & Buy Less. by Luis Vargas[11]
The value of travel by Rick Steves[12]
How adventure makes you smarter, stronger, and attractive by Tyler Tervooren[13]
I'm home: How 10 years of travel helped me find belonging by Phil Cha[14]
Say 'yes' to your adventure: Matthew Trinetti[15]
Live Life to the fullest by Nick Martin[16]
Barèges, the steep one[17]
What It Takes to Be an Adventurer[18]
What It Means To Be An Adventure Photographer[19]
Welcome to an Adventurer’s Year-Round Paradise: British Columbia[20]
My Life As an Adventure Photographer[21]
A Quest to Find Canada’s Elusive Coastal Wolf[22]
My Life As an Adventure Filmmaker and Photographer (Part 1)[23]
My Life As an Adventure Filmmaker and Photographer (Part 2)[24]
After the Avalanche: Life as an Adventure Photographer With PTSD (Part 1)[25]
After the Avalanche: Life as an Adventure Photographer With PTSD (Part 2)[26]
Hardangervidda expedition, Norway #1[27]
Arctic Pulk Expedition - crossing the Finnmark Plateau, Norway[28]
This Explorer Has Seen More Of The World Than Anyone Currently Alive[29]
Explorer Mike Horn Speaks at EOS Global Hackathon Grand Finale[30]
TEDxPearlRiver - Mike Horn - Pangea: Exploring the Limits[31]
Journey to the Deep with James Cameron - Nierenberg Prize 2013[32]
Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron - Full Documentary in HD[33]
The Lost Forest | Nobel Peace Prize Shorts[34]
Meet the 2013 Adventurers of the Year[35]
My life as a professional adventurer by Chuck Berry[36]

Michigan Rocks

YouTube Channel[37]
Rock Hunting the Beach at Rockport State Park[38]

Relic Recoverist

YouTube Channel[39]
Metal Detecting for Coins[40]

Mudlarking with Nicola White

YouTube Channel[41] Visit The Mudlark chapter for more Mudlarking with Nicola White and others.
Mudlarking The River Thames - THREE mystery finds[42]


YouTube Channel[43]
OMG! I Found A Huge Silver Treasure Hoard Metal Detecting![44]

WW2 History Hunter

YouTube Channel[45]
Forgotten bunker found and opened[46]
Reuniting my Grandfather with his old motorcycle after 60 years apart![47]
Helge Pedersen - 10 Years on 2 Wheels (1998)[48]
La Ruta del Che - South American Motorbike Expedition[49]
Motorcycle to South America[50]
Up&Down Central Asia Adventure - Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan[51]
GlobeRiders - Iceland Expedition (2001)[52]
GlobeRiders - Eurasian Odyssey (2002)[53]
Through the Darién Gap with Helge Pedersen[54]
Mini Bike Hammock Camping in a Canyon[55]
Bike Road Trip[56]
Most Memorable Events in 60.000 kilometers of Motorcycling the World[57]
Season 1, Episode 1, KICKOFF!![58]

Itchy Boots

YouTube Channel[59]
Adventures with Basanti[60]