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The Ecologist
The Ecologist
Hamilton - Moby Dick : Call Me Ishmael[1]


12 Cancer Causing Foods That You Should Not Eat[2]
Here's what's in your bottled water (Marketplace)[3]
The Dangerous Chemicals In Your Plastic Packages[4]
Plastic Pollution: How Humans are Turning the World into Plastic[5]
The Plastic Problem - A PBS NewsHour Documentary[6]


If Recycling Were Honest[7]
Plastic Recycling is an Actual Scam[8]
Recycling Sign is a LIE.[9]
Is Your Plastic Actually Being Recycled?[10]

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch[11]
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Not What You Think It Is[12]
Why 99% of ocean plastic pollution is 'missing'[13]
Meet the man who swam through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch[14]


1950's - The Beauty of Asbestos[15]
Firestone world bestos company asbestos brake pads promo film 'stopping power'[16]
Asbestos in Brakes Dont Blow It 1986 EPA[17]
Spray foam insulation nightmare: What can happen if it's not installed correctly[18]
(GRAPHIC CONTENT) US Lead Poisoning -- Documentary (2017)[19]
What Does Lead Poisoning Do To Your Brain?[20]
History and Uses of Lead and Lead Poisoning (Full Version) Caravanos[21]

Depleted Uranium And Agent Orange

I've studied nuclear war for 35 years -- you should be worried by Brian Toon[22]
Depleted Uranium (DU) vs Tungsten[23]
(GRAPHIC CONTENT) Invisible War - Depleted Uranium and the politics of radiation[24]
US use of depleted uranium = war crimes?[26]
The Fight Against Depleted Uranium: RISE (Clip)[28]
Studies That Avoid Areas Where Evidence Exists Can State That They Found No Evidence[29]
Vietnam vets learn about harmful effects of Agent Orange[30]
Film of US Soldiers spraying Agent Orange defoliant onto a riverbank without protective equipment[31]

Nuclear Waste

What Happens To Nuclear Waste?[32]
(DARK 'HUMOR') Nuclear Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver[33]
Why danger symbols can’t last forever[34]
Nuclear Waste Disposal Documentary[35]
Australia's Desert: The Nuclear Waste Dump?[36]
How to make a nuclear waste glass[37]


The destruction of the Amazon, explained[38]
What if there were 1 trillion more trees?[39]
Deforestation threatens lungs of the planet[40]
Satellite shows extent of terrible destruction to the planet[41]
10 myths about deforestation | WWF[42]

Coral Bleaching

What is coral bleaching? Can it be fixed?[43]
What Is Coral Bleaching?[44]
Chasing Coral[45]
What's Killing The Coral Reefs?[46]
How Scientists Are Restoring The Great Barrier Reef[47]
Yes, we can save the world’s coral reefs by Terry Hughes[48]

Deoxygenation, Ocean Dead Zones

Can the ocean run out of oxygen? - Kate Slabosky[49]
A Breathless Ocean[50]
The Gulf of Mexico's dead zone, explained[51]
Ocean Deoxygenation: Our Ocean's Oxygen Supply & Demand Issue[52]
Patterns of deoxygenation in the global oceans[53]

Fracking And Spills

Water on Fire - Marcellus Shale Reality Tour Part 1 - Fracking[54]
Fracking Hell: The Untold Story[55]
Gulf of Mexico on Fire After Gas Leak in Underwater Pipeline[56]
The Oil Layer[57]
Keystone Pipeline Leak Impact on NE[58]
Animated map of the major oil and gas pipelines in the US[59]
Keystone Pipeline shut down after leak[60]
State demands more well, water testing months after Colonial Pipeline leak[61]
Colonial Pipeline estimates 1.2 million gallons of gasoline leaked in Huntersville[62]

Insecticides, DDT and Neonicotinoids

DDT (US Navy, 1944)[63]
The Rise and Fall of DDT in America[64]
Neonicotinoids: The New DDT?[65]
Colony Collapse: The Mystery of the Missing Bees[66]
Bayer and the bees | DW Documentary[67]
The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans[68]
The secret tactics Monsanto used to protect Roundup, its star product[69]
The Monsanto Papers : Roundup & The Canadian Connection - Enquête[70]

Animal Meat

The Meat Lobby: How the Meat Industry Hides the Truth[71]
Ocean Alert: Overfishing[72]
Salmon Confidential, Documentary About Salmon Farms in Canada & Diseased Salmon[73]
Artifishal (Full Film) | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon[74]
Cod: The Fish that Made New England[75]
Will the ocean ever run out of fish? - Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Jennifer Jacquet[76]
(GRAPHIC CONTENT) Over 73 Million Sharks Killed Every Year for Fins[77]
Appetite for Destruction: Eating Bluefin Tuna Into Extinction[78]
(GRAPHIC CONTENT) Japan resumes commercial whaling amid backlash[79]
The Sea Shepherds Go Head To Head With Whaler Factory Ship[80]
The Ocean Is Running Out of Fish. Here's the Alarming Math.[81]


Communication towers kill about 6.8 million birds every year[82]
How to Stop Buildings from Killing Birds[83]
(GRAPHIC CONTENT) Hundreds of birds killed, hurt after flying into NASCAR Hall of Fame building[84]
This Is Martha, the World's Last-Known Passenger Pigeons[85]
Why Billions of Passenger Pigeons Died in Under a Century[86]
Why DODOS Actually Went EXTINCT | Island Biogeography 1[87]
Dodo was not dumb and clumsy.[88]
The Tragedy of the Stephens Island Wren[89]

The Exinction Of Tigers And Orangutans

What's Driving Tigers Toward Extinction?[90]
Here's Why Tigers Are Going Extinct[91]
Battling India's Illegal Tiger Trade[92]
Can We Save the Tiger?[93]
Orangutan Extinction[94]
What happens if Orangutans go Extinct?[95]
Baby Orangutan Bursts Into Tears On The Climbing Ropes[96]


This is what ye shipped for - Ahab's speech[97]
Fleeing climate change — the real environmental disaster[98]
How Humans are Destroying the Planet?[99]
Why Humanity Destroyed Itself - A glance from a future we will avoid.[100]
The Life of Greta Thunberg[101]