The Protector

The Protector
The Protector
Viktor Frankl, Self-Actualization is not the goal[1]
Viktor Frankl: Our need for Meaning and Purpose[2]
How a Young Activist in the 1940s Fought Against Japanese Internment[3]
The Fearless Female Wildlife Rangers Saving The African Elephants[4]
Agnes Stevens (School on Wheels)[5]
Ann Skelton (Children In South African Prisons)[6]
Malala Yousafzai (Schooling)[7]
Dr. Cynthia Maung[8]
Dunga Mothers (Tanzania Orphanage)[9]
Elizabeth Gaynes (Parental Incarceration)[10]
Indira Ranamagar (Nepal Teacher)[11]
Maggy Barankitse (Protector of Children in Burundi)[12]
Jetsun Pema (Tibetan Children's education, sister of the Dalai Lama)[13]
Josefina Condori (Teacher and Protector of Children in Peru)[14]
Anna Mollell (Protector Of Children with Disabilities)[15]
Phymean Noun (Poverty, Protector Of Children in Cambodia)[16]
Prateep Ungsongtham Hata (Educator Thailand)[17]
Rosi Gollmann (Savior, Poverty, Job Training)[18]
Sakena Yacoobi (Education)[19]
Sp├Ęs Nihangaza (Education, Protector Of Children)[20]
Molly Melching (Human Rights, Education, Protector Of Children)[21]
We need to talk about an injustice by Bryan Stevenson[22]
How America's public schools keep kids in poverty by Kandice Sumner[23]
How One Woman Reinvented School To Combat Poverty[24]
The Impact of Homelessness on Children[25]
Parents and Kids Talk About Homelessness[26]
What Is Universal Basic Income And How Is It Different From Welfare Programs?[27]