The Unforgettable

The Unforgettable
The Unforgettable
Socrates: The Great Midwife[1]
A Lesson From Socrates That Will Change The Way You Think[2]
Socrates, The Father Of Western Philosophy[3]
The Tragedy Of Hypatia of Alexandria[4]
History Buffs: Agora[5]
Trung Sisters Rebellion History of Ancient Vietnam[6]
The Trung Sisters of Vietnam Fight the Han | Warriors, Queens, and Intellectuals[7]
The Legendary Lady Trieu (English Version-Bà Triệu)[8]
Tragedy Of Lucretia[9]
The Legendary Story Of Celtic Queen Boudicca[10]
The Tiger And The Flame - Jhansi Ki Rani The Bravest And The Best[11]
Rani of Jhansi[12]
Jhansi Ki Rani (1953 Film)[13]
Search for the Real Semiramis - Queen Sammuramat of Assyria[14]
Joan of Arc Explained in 15 Minutes[15]
Joan of Arc confronts the English army[16]
Fiery Joanna, Warrior Woman and Duchess of Brittany[17]
Jeanne de Clisson: Lioness Of Brittany[18]
Queen Esther[19]
Judith: Hanukkah Heroine[20]
Tamar Mepe, King Of Kings, Queen Of Queens[21]
Greco-Persian Wars: Artemisia I of Caria[22]
Artemisia of Caria[23]
Zenobia: The Warrior Queen of Palmyra[24]
Zenobia - Queen of Palmyra[25]
Before Mulan, There Was Fu Hao, Warrior Queen[26]
Tomoe Gozen: The Female Samurai Warrior[27]
Nakano Takeko: The Female Samurai Who Fought to Her Bloody End[28]
The Fierce Queen of the Illyrians, Teuta the Untameable[29]
The Pirate Queen who fought the Roman Empire[30]
Tomyris (530 BC) Kills Cyrus the Great[31]
TOMIRIS – Official trailer[32]
Heroes of the Trojan War: Penthesilea[33]
The Ninth Labour of Hercules And The Belt of Hippolyte[34]
The Amazons (Wonder Woman)[35]
Forgotten Legends[36]
Wonder Woman Suite[37]
🦉 Minerva 🐍 Roman Goddess of Wisdom[38]
Agustina de Aragón[40]
The Woman Who Led 40 Men into Battle Against Thousands: Mai Bhago[42]
Kumander Liwayway: The Vengeful Guerrilla Commander who TERRORISED the Japanese[43]
Apollo and Cassandra - Greek Mythology Stories[44]
The Cassandra Story with Elizabeth Lesser[45]
Martha Nussbaum[46]
Ayn Rand's Final Public Lecture: The Sanction of The Victims[47]
Day at Night: Ayn Rand[48]
Remake the World[49]
Greta Thunberg mocks world leaders in 'blah, blah, blah' speech.[50]