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DEF CON (also written as DEFCON, Defcon or DC) is one of the world's largest and most notable hacker conventions, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first DEF CON took place in June 1993 and today many attendees at DEF CON include computer security professionals, journalists, lawyers, federal government employees, security researchers, students, and hackers with a general interest in software, computer architecture, hardware modification, conference badges, and anything else that can be "hacked". (Wikipedia[1])
DEFCON 19: Panel: Meet The Federal Agent 2.0[2]
DEF CON 23 - Spot the Fed[3]
Defcon 14 - Spot the fed at[4]
DEF CON 11 - Spot the fed (not a fed) - Video[5]
Defcon nabs undercover TV reporter[6]
DEF CON 26 - Si, Agent X - Wagging the Tail: Covert Passive Surveillance[7]
DEFCON 17: Search And Seizure Explained - They Took My Laptop![8]
Don't Talk to the Police (!defcon)[9]
Defcon 21 - The Secret Life of SIM Cards[10]
Deviant Ollam - Safe to Armed in Seconds: A Study of Epic Fails of Popular Gun Safes[11]
DEFCON 19: Key Impressioning[12]
DEFCON 19: And That's How I Lost My Eye: Exploring Emergency Data Destruction (w speaker)[13]
DEFCON 17: Failure[14]
DEFCON 19: Hacking MMORPGs for Fun and Mostly Profit[15]

Chaos Communication Congress

The Chaos Communication Congress is an annual conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club. The congress features a variety of lectures and workshops on technical and political issues related to security, cryptography, privacy and online freedom of speech. The event has taken place regularly at the end of the year since 1984,[2] with the 2020 date and duration (27–30 December) established in 2005. It is considered one of the largest events of this kind, alongside the DEF CON in Las Vegas. (Wikipedia[16])
34C3 - Unleash your smart-home devices: Vacuum Cleaning Robot Hacking[17]
34C3 - BBSs and early Internet access in the 1990ies[18]
34C3 - A hacker's guide to Climate Change - What do we know and how do we know it?[19]
34C3 - Ensuring Climate Data Remains Public[20]
34C3 - Extended DNA Analysis[21]
34C3 - institutions for Resolution Disputes[22]
34C3 - Rental housing syndicate: hacking the real estate market[23]

HOPE: Hackers On Planet Earth

The Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference series is a hacker convention sponsored by the security hacker magazine 2600: The Hacker Quarterly that until 2020 was typically held at Hotel Pennsylvania, in Manhattan, New York City. (Wikipedia[24])
HOPE 2020 (2020): In the Beginning[25]
The Circle of HOPE (2018): Surveillance Architecture: 21st Century Surveillance & How to Fight Back[26]
HOPE 2018 / 2600 - Trolling the trolls & trolls that troll them.[27]
2600 - The Last HOPE (2008) - The Art of Social Engineering[28]
2600 - The Last Hope (2008) - Phone Losers of America[29]

Black Hat Briefings

Black Hat Briefings (commonly referred to as Black Hat) is a computer security conference that provides security consulting, training, and briefings to hackers, corporations, and government agencies around the world. (Wikipedia[30])
Black Hat Europe 2019 Highlights[31]
Black Hat USA 2013 Keynote - Gen. Alexander[32]
CQTools: The New Ultimate Hacking Toolkit[33]
Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio - 2.0[34]
BadUSB - On Accessories that Turn Evil by Karsten Nohl + Jakob Lell[35]
48 Dirty Little Secrets Cryptographers Don’t Want You To Know[36]
Stagefright: Scary Code in the Heart of Android[37]
ARMageddon: How Your Smartphone CPU Breaks Software-Level Security and Privacy[38]
Ichthyology: Phishing as a Science[39]
How Hackers are Making the World Safer[40]