The Hyperrealist

The Hyperrealist
The Hyperrealist
Watch the Popovy Sisters create their intricate dolls by hand // INFRINGE Magazine[1]
Miniature HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE made from scratch // Ghibli Crafts[2]
Making the sad version of Howl's Moving Castle // Ghibli Crafts[3]
Artist Transforms Your Favorite Cartoons Into Disturbing Humans[4]
How A Hyperrealistic Sculptor Makes Lifelike Replicas Of People[6]
Timelapse - Sculpting a Likeness of Patrick Stewart - Water Based Clay - Amelia Rowcroft[7]
John Cena - Lifesize Sculpt - Water based Clay - Demonstration[8]
BB-8 being cute for one minute and thirty-eight seconds[9]
I made the HULKBUSTER out of CLAY... but with a TWIST[10]
How It's Made, Wax Figures[11]
'T-800' Sculpture Timelapse = Terminator Dark Fate = ( Part 1 )[12]
'T-800' Sculpture Timelapse = Terminator Dark Fate = ( Part 2 )[13]
Here's Exactly How To Draw Realistically For Beginners In No Time At All[14]
Twelve-year-old girl producing art so realistic people question if she really did it[15]
Artist Draws Hyperrealistic Portraits Using Bic Ballpoint Pens[16]
Hyperrealistic Colored-Pencil Drawings Look 3D (NOTE THE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT SEGMENT)[17]
Nothing Like It[18]
Incredible Photorealistic Portraits Tattoos by Aleksandr O'kharin[19]
5 hyper-realistic drawings that look really really real 😱[20]
Akiane - Drawing an Eye[21]

Eyes Are Easy

Digital painting in Krita, with or without the reference image stretched over canvas, will have you memorize eye structure in 3 sessions across a week or two. Memorization will occur automatically as you practice your portraits.
Next-Gen Graphics FINALLY Arrive [Unreal Engine 5][23]
Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement[24]
Minecraft 2021 - Ultra Realism - Ultra Modded vs Vanilla | Super Realistic - 4K[25]
Among Us | Hyper-realistic horror 3D animation: Part 1[26]
Imposter Origins | Among Us hyper-realistic horror 3D animation: Part 2[27]
Imposter Finale | Among Us hyper-realistic horror 3D animation: Part 3[28]
DOOM Eternal | Realistic Ultra Graphics Gameplay [4K UHD 60FPS] Full Game[29]
DOOM ETERNAL All Cutscenes Complete Edition[30]
Wolfenstein: The New Order All Cutscenes (Game Movie) Full Story 1080p[31]
Angelina Jolie. Drawing in pencil.[32]
Angelina Jolie - The pencil portrait of the American actress[33]
Drawing Angelina Jolie[34]

Always Consider Copyright

Always take your own photo, and have permission from the model. Works that violate copyright and trademarks, cannot be sold, and everything else is gray-area that is not worth exploring.
Anna Halldin-Maule - Painting Röd Blomma II[35]
Grön Blomma[36]
The Alchemist[37]
Midsommar (Midsummer)[39]

Scene First

Note how in videos above step one is creation of the subject, then photo-shoot, then painting. You need to build your scene first, and take your own photos, and then get to painting.
El Arte de Dirk Dzimirsky, Hiperrealismo a lápiz | Dibujos Hiperrealistas[40]
Aprende a dibujar HIPERREALISTA A LAPIZ! Tutorial Completo - Efecto Crema de afeitar[42]
Hyperrealism (Drawing made by Jang sungjun)[43]
Drawing Pencil Hyperrealism Silvia Pagano Art[44]
Emanuele Dascanio Paints Lifelike Hyper-Realistic Portraits That Speak With Their Eyes[45]
Omar Ortiz pintando la obra Moscu Hiperrealismo Hyperrealism oil paint[46]
omar ortiz pintando el rostro de la obra primavera Hiperrealismo Hyperrealism oil paint[47]
Omar Ortiz pintando la obra los caballos de Da Vinci Hiperrealismo Hyperrealism oil paint[48]
Como pintar tonos de piel con óleo construir el color y la textura a base de capas / skin tones oils[49]
Pintando retrato (aplicando veladuras de diversos colores)[50]
Aprende a aplicar veladuras sobre grisalla[51]
Como pintar al oleo, las veladuras[52]

Renso Castaneda

Vídeo Aula de Hiper Realismo - Texturas Avançadas | Charles Laveso[54]
ARTonio Carrasco - Retrato hiperrealista pintado al óleo.[55]
1 Pintura hiper-realista Juliana faber - Olhos[56]
2 Pintura Hiper-realista Juliana Faber - Olhos[57]
How to Draw Hyper Realistic Eye | Tutorial for BEGINNERS[58]
How to Draw Realistic Cat for BEGINNERS | Fur Drawing Technique[59]
Get your desired shades in SECONDS | Make a Grayscale Value Finder[60]
Rainbow eyes[62]
Blending SKIN TONES in REAL-TIME with Colored Pencil[63]
Jan Vermeer and the Camera Obscura[64]
Vermeer's Secrets[65]
Jan Vermeer, The Complete Works[66]
Lecture 6: Johannes Vermeer’s View of Delft: The Prose and Poetry of View Painting[67]
Vermeer: Master of Light[68]
Rembrandt van Rijn - The Real Rembrandt[69]
AP Art History: Realism[71]

AP Art History

AP Art History Full playlist[72], 43 Video Lectures.