The Color Theorist

The Color Theorist
The Color Theorist
COLOR THEORY BASICS: Use the Color Wheel & Color Harmonies to Choose Colors that Work Well Together[1]
RGB, CMYK, and SPOT Color Basics[2]
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What is RGB? (Color Model)[4]
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Ambient Occlusion (and Ambient Light) for Painters[12]
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Understanding the Elements of Art[14]
The (Not) Rules of Color Temperature[15]
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Plein & Simple with John Burton, Part 6: Temperature[17]
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Art Fundamentals: Values[20]
Grayscale To Color Art Process ... and why I don't use it[21]
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FIFTY SHADES OF...SKIN - How to mix CAUCASIAN flesh tones by ART Tv[24]
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3 COLOR ZONES IN THE FACE By Ben Lustenhouwer[27]
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